Hello, and Welcome!

My name is Lisa, and I have been shooting since the age of 16. Never did I think that it would be my passion and career later on in life!

Just a quick sum up about me. I graduated with a Diploma in Photography from Ruth Prowse, School of Art. I went onto doing internships, assisting, working full time and freelancing all within a few years. When starting my photographic journey, I didn’t think I would grow to love shooting people so much (pun intended).

Although Fashion is something I put a lot of my energy towards, it doesnt limit me or my creative process when given other projects at hand. I’m always keen to try out different styles of Photography, and I look forward to growing my skill along the way. So, please don’t hesitate to contact me for all types of shoots!

Click “Lets shoot?” below, and pop me a mail, or message for all photoshoot enquiries.

Thank you for your support! x